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You do not necessarily need thousands of photos to create a mosaic; individual pictures can be used multiple times in the same mosaic because they will appear differently depending on how far apart they show up and how they average into the background artwork. Here's the process, using a poster created for The Julia Foundation's annual Butterfly 5K race.

The event logo is overlaid onto a scene of the woods around the park where the race is run . . .
. . . giving us the image on the left. Photos from a previous race are fed into this background from a separate folder, resulting in the picture on the right (which of course looks odd at this size)
1 2
3 4
Zooming in to the area of the right wingtip, you can see that the individual photos are really very sharp. This poster was run at 24x36", and, when displayed, always draws a crowd of people looking to spot people they recognize.

Another Example--a Very Large One!

This mosaic was created for EMC Corporation to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the founding of the company. It was created in sections and measures 43x309" (over 25 feet). I designed and created the imagery, but it took some specialty printing on adhesive paper to run the actual final piece. 

The rotating globe theme illustrated the company's worldwide presence. You can see the individual photos of employees in the image to the left. The two shots below show the final mosaic in place, wrapped around a half-wall in the bistro at corporate headquarters. I had to take these photos first thing in the morning, as there was usually a crowd around during the day, searching for friends and for themselves!


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